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Daily population growth and economical extensive developments and … have great reflection in physical changes of Tehran, and one of its results is the formation of District 22, which whit any doubt was the greatest and vastest urban development linked to Tehran. With approximately 10000 Hectares area, this region has been created for resolve definition of western areas of Tehran and also displacing the people who live in central Tehran’s worn-out regions and accommodation parts of Tehran city’s population.
In the last 30 years, District 22 of Tehran covered special construction activities of planning and implementation and since frothy decade, construction of this area came to Tehran practitioners and manufacturer’s attention. The original owners of these lands were Farmanfarmayan and Firouzgar family.
After approval of comprehensive plan of Tehran, this area has been define as a new city and named Kan New City, and it’s domain has been designed by Farmanfarmayan Consulting Engineers and Partners.
From 1340 to 1358 approximately 20% of these territories has been breakdown and found partial owners and the rest of the lands was divided into large pieces (1000 meters). After the victory of Islamic Revolution, Farmanfarmayan and Firouzgar were nationalized and some of them were assigned to the Urban Land Organization and 500 hectares of them announced as endowment by Ayatollah Mola Ali Kani who was the owner of these lands since Qajar era.
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Ali Nouzarpour
Mayor of District 22